This is an age it appears where everyone is a writer, videographer, photographer, and commentator. Because the tools are there, does that mean we just become these pursuits if we use them? Like every child is an artist because they draw without hesitation or inhibition? So it seems I’ve become a writer in the DIY flavor of the day.  However, what can be more apt for an artist - a painter - with opinions and a dedicated practiceand access to the internet? If you build it they will come (as long as you stoke the coals), so to say.

These days it makes sense to be a DIYer, especially if you can monetize it.  For example, say I got 40,000 likes on FB and every time I recommended a brush and provided an Amazon link I would get 2% of every purchase or somesuch. A fine artist’s dream! The passive income stream! However, this would also mean my art / writing would have to be extremely popular, along the lines of Bansky and other stellar luminaries. As a fine artist flying stealth underneath the radar - and not a graffiti nor video artist - the net’s the best art delivery system, even though the reproductions don’t show scale, texture, or presence.

So here I go!  Social media skills must be engaged! Tags must be added (and I don’t mean graffiti tags!).  Friends must be asked to like and follow me! Hah, the presumptions! Email lists must be broadened and thickened to add to the social mix. And let’s not forget targeting the people we want to entice with our delicacies. Nor neglect to add assorted delicious media rich servings of videos and soundtracks. Yum. 

An artist without means must be many things indeed.  What isolated studio practice?  Invite the world in!, because the NSA and Google know what’s going on anyway…..But we must expect to start slow and build.  And not get discouraged.  Ah, the artist’s life.  Without the institutional support of universities, galleries and museums, one must act alone, the solitary trigger on a mission.

Please enjoy these photos and explanations of my art, opinions, and observations. If not edifying then I at least hope you’ll find them diverting.

- steve sas schwartz, 2014